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Pet Sitting & Overnight Stay's

I provide different forms of pet sitting and I understand how stressful it can be leaving your pets at home while you're away. I will care and love your pets in your absence, updating you with photos and messages.


During my visits I will feed, water,clear toiletries and fuss and play with your pet.As a veterinary nurse I understand the responsibility of looking after other peoples animals and always do so just like they were my own.

I will be respectful and responsible with your keys and your house, happy to water any plants and of course administer any medications necessary like insulin.

I can look after a range of pets including small furries, reptiles and birds.

I can offer visits to your house, as many times as day as required and may even provide a discount for long term clients.

I can provide over-night house and pet care, I will of course be out during the day schedule dependant. This allows your pet to have much more company and also keep your house safe.

I can also offer companion visits and with my medical training provide visits for any recovering animals on cage rest, under the strict instruction of your vets.

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